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ENCOLAWS assist clients in establishing, maintaining, and enforcing trademark rights in both domestic and international scales. ENCOLAWS provide clients comprehensive guidance as well as strategic advice in order to achieve the effective protection for their trademarks. ENCOLAWS provide the following legal services:

- Conducting identical and similar trademark searches and providing advice on availability of the marks;

- Conducting search for the use of the marks for the purpose of cancellation on non-use ground;

- Providing opinion on the registrability and use of trademarks;

-  Preparing, filing and pursuing applications for the registration of trademarks;

-  Representation in opposition, appeal, cancellation and invalidation proceedings;

-  Proceeding with the renewal of trademark registrations;

-  Advising on and Reviewing assignment/license agreements;

-  Recordal of assignment/license agreement and changes relative to pending applications or trademark registrations;

-  Providing advice on the use of registered trademarks;

-  Providing advice on the criteria of well-known trademarks;

-  Providing legal advice on trademark infringement and remedies.